Authentication Changes (UPDATE)

Authentication Changes (UPDATE)

UPDATE: We’re done! Anyone with a connected GitHub account should add their identity to their existing profile on the Account site.

The last big change before we launch our super-secret new feature is changing the way we handle Oauth2 connections on Dropfort. We’re dropping support for the Connector / Oauth modules in favour of Hybridauth and an updated version of RESTClient.

In the end, this will let us more quickly add connections to external services, give you a single interface to manage your connected services and all in all make things better.

This change will require a few hours of down time to migrate to the new setup. Afterwards, you may be asked to reconnect GitHub to your account but all your data / projects and what not will remain intact.

Dropfort will be offline between 5:30PM Eastern to 9:00PM Eastern to complete this upgrade.


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