Our Pricing Plans

Pre-Release Pricing

While Dropfort.com and its suite of sites are being developed, all features will be free to use by all users. As we near the first release version of Dropfort, we'll notify users of the pricing changes at least two (2) months prior to any billing which may be required.

We haven't ironed out all the details as of yet since we want to base our pricing on how people use the service to ensure the best value is provided for a reasonable cost. We believe in openness in both code and process so we'll be asking for feedback as we decided on how to structure our pricing.

Some details however have been decided on already.

  • Individual user accounts will always be free.
  • Connecting to publicly available remote services will always be free (ex: GitHub.com, GitLab.com, Drupal.org).
  • Limits will only be put in places which may incur an infrastructure cost on our behalf (ex: bandwidth, storage).
  • Accounts with services attached which become paid services will be grandfathered as a free service for four (4) months after paid accounts are made available.
  • Support requests and local installations will require an active / paid subscription.

We also want to help fund development of Drupal's ecosystem. We haven't decided how yet, but we're investigating several options which may or may not include:

  • DrupalFund
  • Sponsoring DrupalCamps
  • Sponsoring DrupalCons
  • Donations to the Drupal.org Team
  • Donation to the Drupal Association
  • Supporting individual developers

Once we figure out the best way to support the community financially, we'll make it clear in the pricing plan what portion of your subscription is going to support the Drupal and open source community.

If you have any suggestions, comments or insights feel free to email us at info@dropfort.com, send us a tweet @dropfort or leave a note in the issue queue (coming soon).

For more information as it becomes available, be sure to check the Dropfort Blog for regular updates.