Developer tools: Behat/Mink support

We’re updating Dropfort’s environment manager with a few new features:

New Features

  • Install / configure behat and mink globally on your machines (see the “Development” when editing a machine)
  • Add support for defining Drush Site Aliases for your machines (see the “Drush” section when editing a machine)

Bug Fixes

We’re also including general bug fixes and improvements. Some notable changes

Fall Season is Here! Time for More Updates

Hi Everyone. We have some updates for Dropfort, including some bug fixes and a few new features. Check the login page for new login options (GitLab). We will be down for maintenance starting at 2pm eastern time and should be back up shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Down for Maintenance, the Sequel

We ran into some issues with the last round of updates which prevented us from adding new features to Dropfort. We should have all of those issues resolved now, so Dropfort will be going down for maintenance once again. Dropfort will be unavailable starting at 2:30 p.m. ET and will be back up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Down for Maintenance, New Features Incoming

Dropfort will be going down for maintenance in order to deploy a few new features. We’ve made improvements to the environments, projects, and the dashboard.

New features for Dropfort Environment Manager

Hello all

We’ve deployed some refinements to the Environments section of Dropfort.

We’ve added the capacity to set the default memory allocation for virtual machines so you can control just how many resources your vms take up (this setting won’t have any effect on non-virtual servers).

Memory limits for virtual machines

Environment Manager Upgrade in progress [Update: All Done]


Just a heads up we’re updating the environment manager with new options. Provisioning machines may be unavailable for the next 30 minutes or so.

Thanks for your patience.

Site Maintenance

We will be taking Dropfort offline around noon (12pm Eastern time) today for some maintenance. When we’re back online, you can expect some minor bug fixes and back-end improvements.

Back to Basics: What is Dropfort?

We’ve been working on Dropfort for so long now it warrants revisiting the simplest of questions; what is Dropfort?

In the most basic terms, Dropfort gives you a private repository of modules, themes and tools to develop and maintain your Drupal sites. A rather generic statement I know, but let me clarify.

Puppet + Vagrant + Drupal = Dropfort Environments

We’re finally ready to roll out our newest feature; Dropfort Environments. This brings integration between Dropfort, Vagrant and Docker to your Drupal development workflow.

Vagrant and Docker

New Feature: Site Security Report

Another simple but extremely useful new feature has been deployed today. Now you can see which sites have security updates pending on your dashboard. The notices will go away once the site’s security updates have been applied.

Site Security Report

We’ve also pushed up a few theme changes and security updates to contributed modules.