Dropfort v1.1 - All about developers

Dropfort v1.1 - All about developers

We’re getting ready to move on from the 1.0 release which was all about bug fixes and site stabilization. Next we’ll be preparing v1.1 which will be a release with focus on developer tools and managing projects. We’re hoping to include several improvements to the release system, the project page UI, some added triggers and more tests to ensure all our functionality is working correctly.

This begins our release pattern of odd numbered releases having a focus on developer features and even numbered releases focusing new ops features. Of course we’ll always push out any bug fixes and security fixes as required regardless of the current release focus.

If you have any feature requests regarding packaging custom module releases or the project pages please send them to us on twitter, via email at support@dropfort.com or using the “Send Feedback” button within Dropfort. Or feel free to leave them in the comments below.

We’ll also be doing another poll very soon so be sure to check that out as well.


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