Early Adopter Access

Early Adopter Access

We've begun sending out accounts to those who've requested access to Dropfort in its pre-release state. We do want to remind people that you shouldn't use Dropfort for any production / mission critical applications just yet.

What we're looking for from our early adopters is testing existing features, comments on improving existing features, and any additional features you'd like to see. Each month, we'll publish our focus for testers.

Our focus for July is stabilization. We want to make sure everything we currently have is working and stable. This will allow us to make August a feature request month along with any additional bug fixes. We'll continue on with new features alternating between an "ops" feature and a "dev" feature (hence, the "dev-ops" nature of Dropfort).

Please log any issues you encounter here:


We're working on getting a more robust issue tracker but this will do for now.

To recap, July is bug hunting and stablization. There are bugs, you will encounter bugs. But we'll fix them as quickly as we can.


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