Authentication Changes (UPDATE)

UPDATE: We’re done! Anyone with a connected GitHub account should add their identity to their existing profile on the Account site.

The last big change before we launch our super-secret new feature is changing the way we handle Oauth2 connections on Dropfort. We’re dropping support for the Connector / Oauth modules in favour of Hybridauth and an updated version of RESTClient.

Bug fixes to project release view and new features for event stream

We’ve fixed some bugs with the project releases. The views now properly show the latest available release instead of only the first stable release.

We’ve also added some additional links to the event stream. Now you can directly access the release pages from the event stream instead of having to browse to your project manually.

Hope you enjoy the new features/fixes.


Some new styles

Hello fellow Dropfort users!

Today we’ve pushed out a few style changes to Dropfort. Adjusted some colours, fixed some padding and sprucing stuff up in general. We’ll have some new features soon involving… well we’ll keep that as a surprise for now.

That said, if you notice any bugs with the new theme (or in general) use the “Send Feedback” button on the lower right hand corner on (which should now be a green button).


Hello 2015!

It has been a little while, but we have some new updates to Dropfort to share. We’ve been fixing a few bugs here and there, and we’re currently working on some pretty neat features.

One new feature you’ll find in the latest update is the ability to bulk-import projects from Gitlab or Github. This makes importing multiple projects much easier. The site will be in maintenance mode for a brief period starting at 3pm on Feb 12 while we deploy the update.

We’ve got a few other things in the works that are really exciting, so stay tuned!

Forging Dropfort - Release Manager

In this second instalment of the Forging Dropfort series, we will look at the Dropfort release manager. This Dropfort module is an integral part of Dropfort and performs many functions including responding to project repository callbacks (or webhooks), queueing project releases, and generating all the data required by Feature Server (see Forging Dropfort - Feature Server for details).

Security Patches

Hi everyone,

Just a quick heads-up to let you know that we’ve updated Drupal core on Dropfort to fix a security issue. Keep an eye out for some more fixes and new features coming to Dropfort in the next little while.

DrupalCamp Montreal Poll

We’re at DrupalCamp Montreal and we have a poll too!

Please fill it in so we can make Dropfort better (should only take 15 seconds to fill in).

Dropfort Maintenance - Early September Edition

Hi everyone,

Dropfort will be updated shortly to bring more bug fixes and features. Here’s some of what you can expect in this latest round of updates:

New Features:

-Improved releases lists on project pages -Workflow release generation now adds “project” flag to .info files

Bug Fixes:

-Better support for mobile browsers -Help block now appears on iOS devices -Various theme fixes -Fix repository tag format handling

Thank you for your patience, your continued support, and your feedback. Happy September everyone!

Forging Dropfort - Feature Server

We’re going to showcase all the modules, tools and techniques we’ve used to create Dropfort in a regular series of posts titled “Forging Dropfort”. This week we’re looking at a module which really sparked the idea of what eventually became Dropfort; Feature server.

DrupalCamp Montreal Gold Sponsor

Dropfort is very happy to be a sponsor of DrupalCamp Montreal 2014. We strongly believe in building and supporting the Drupal community in any capacity we can (see our pricing page for details on how Dropfort is helping the Drupal community). This is only the first in many events where Dropfort will be present so be sure to come check out our booth. We may even have a few prizes to give away.