Dropfort v1.1 - All about developers

We’re getting ready to move on from the 1.0 release which was all about bug fixes and site stabilization. Next we’ll be preparing v1.1 which will be a release with focus on developer tools and managing projects. We’re hoping to include several improvements to the release system, the project page UI, some added triggers and more tests to ensure all our functionality is working correctly.

Maintenance Updates

We’ll be updating Dropfort shortly with a few bug fixes and new features. Here’s what the updates will cover:

Security update

As you may know, a serious vulnerability has recently been published affecting many versions of Drupal. Dropfort is being updated to include the latest version of Drupal (version 7.31) which addresses this vulnerability.

Our first feature request poll

We’ve always looking to make Dropfort better. We’ve got some ideas on what to build next, some we’re already working on and others we need help deciding on priority.

For the month of August, we’ve got the following poll running to decide partially what we’ll be working on in September.

Dropfort Updates

We’ve updated Dropfort with a few bug fixes and a few new features. View the changes below, or log-in to check ‘em out.

Dropfort Maintenance

We’ll be running maintenance and upgrades on all the Dropfort applications today at 11:30AM EST. The sites will be unavailable during this time.

Some issues we’ll be resolving:

Early Adopter Access

We've begun sending out accounts to those who've requested access to Dropfort in its pre-release state. We do want to remind people that you shouldn't use Dropfort for any production / mission critical applications just yet.

What we're looking for from our early adopters is testing existing features, comments on improving existing features, and any additional features you'd like to see. Each month, we'll publish our focus for testers.

Getting Started Video Series

We're producing a series of videos to help you get started with Dropfort. Each video is roughly 3 minutes in length and covers a specific part of Dropfort.

The more you watch, the more you can take advantage of everything Dropfort has to offer.

Pre-Release Pricing

We've posted details on our pre-release pricing strategy. In short, everything is free!

During our pre-release phases (alpha, beta and rc) all the features will be unlimited to all users. After the first stable release, we'll grandfather existing users for one (1) year free of charge on for those services. After that, normal billing will apply.

We will be looking to the community to help us decide on how to make Dropfort a viable tool for all Drupal developers as well as help fund other Drupal related projects with a portion of the earnings.